EHSAS Goals 2008

Brain Hurts!

Brain Hurts!

I have been thinking hard, steam is flying from my ears continuously! My pod goal needs to relate to Formative Practice, EHSAS, and to be an authentic benefit to my students’ learning now. That’s a lot to ask from one little goal 😕

SOOO … What is more important?

The kids’ learning of course!

At the beginning of the year, I always give my new class the Talk … ‘You are senior students now, leaders of our school community, Intermediate is getting close, you will be taking charge of your learning … aiming to be independent learners …’

So on and so forth …

So What?

So What?

As I see it Formative Assessment it the tool that both myself and my students can use to become independent “life-long learners“. And how ESAHS fits in, I am not too sure yet but any opportunity I have to take time to self-reflect and converse with other teachers must be beneficial.

So What? How does this relate to my goal setting? My Practice?

I have decided that my ESAHS goal is to continue with the status quo with a slight tweak; I would like my students to be independent learners who are not only able to self-reflect on their learning and interactions, but use those self-reflections to modify their learning in different future situations.

Now What?

Now What

Now What?

To achieve this lofty goal, I have decided to use the good old Rubric/Matrix. I would like my students to be able to use their knowledge of their learning to monitor how their learning has evolved along the matrix. With the children beginning to create their own Matrices for specific learning situations.

As I have discovered this term, discussion is the key. Specifically discussion and constant references to the Learning Intention and Success Criteria has been very powerful. So begins MY Learning Journey into the power of self-reflection.

“To be continued …”


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